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Carpet Cleaning and the Resoiling of your Carpet

wool carpet cleaned with foamI still have people ask me today,” Does cleaning your carpet make it get dirty faster?” The answer is simple. That depends!

In the past people would clean carpet the only way they knew how, just soap it up, rinse and clean with more soap. That was how it was done and with the most abrasive and sticky soaps around. It looked really good when it was done but did not take long to start looking really bad.

You see cleaning your carpet does not make it get dirty faster but depending on the product being used and the ability to get it rinsed out can make carpet, fabrics or other floors get dirty faster. The main cause a sticky, soapy residue left behind. This used to happen in the industry years ago and I’m sure in some circles still does.

What happens is when anything is cleaned with soap or a detergent it needs to be thoroughly rinsed. Just like taking a shower or washing your car you soap it up and rinse it off. On carpet the process is not that simple. Because the material is being cleaned indoors carpet cannot just be hosed down. It must be done in a way to get it clean but not get too wet as to cause damage to the carpet or other structure.

The proper way to get a good rinse is to use the proper products for what you are doing in the first place and rinse with clear hot water. Some will say to use rinsing agents are good also as long as the products being used are compatible with […]

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Regular Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

regular-carpet-cleaning-maintenance Hotel Lobby

Regular carpet cleaning maintenance is the easiest and most economical way to maintain a superior level of appearance. It may also increase the life of your carpets up to and beyond the manufacturer warranty period.

Carpet fibers are manufactured to hide dirt and soiling. By the time you see the soiling, it is usually past the time for a proper cleaning. Cleaning hardly ever removes dirt and grit that is deeper than the top 50% of the carpet fiber. It’s economically impossible to get 100% of the soil and grit out that has penetrated the top half of the carpet fibers.

Implementing a regular maintenance schedule will keep your carpets looking the way you want. Then you can replace them when you want, not when you have to.

If you would like more information, please give us a call at 817-268-6531.

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Emergency Indoor Flood Prevention

broken-water-pipe Broken Water Pipe

In a two bathroom home, there are at least 16 water lines that are under pressure while the main water valve is on. If you have a lake house, vacant rental property, or if you ever leave your home for a few days, you should do the following to prevent indoor flooding. Turn the main water cut off valve to the off position.  This valve is normally located in the front of your home near the street.

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Stopped Up Toilet Overflow

Stopped Up Toilet Overflow

The number one call we get for emergency indoor flooding is a stopped up toilet overflow. It is also the easiest to prevent. Train all household occupants to remain in the bathroom after flushing the toilet until it completes the cycle and no water is flowing. This only takes 30 to 40 seconds.

For more information on preventable water indoor flooding visit our Water Damage Restoration page here.

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How to Remove Odors from Carpet, Furniture, Pillows, Mattresses, Etc.

Bacteria Bacteria

If the item can tolerate heat and water without damage, try using your steam iron on them to remove odors. ALWAYS TEST a small inconspicuous area to determine if any damage may occur before attempting to treat the entire area!

Set the temperature of your iron to the lowest setting that will produce steam. Wet the odor area with a liberal amount of water. Place a white cotton towel over the moistened area and set the iron on top of the towel for 30 seconds or more. The heat and steam will penetrate the fabric and kill the odor causing bacteria.

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How to Prevent Water Damage to your Home this Summer

Leaking roof or pipe burstYour air conditioning unit cools your home or business by removing moisture from the air. It is essential to keep the drain lines of the unit free and clear of debris. When a drain line gets clogged it often creates a slow leak. These leaks can often go undetected. This will eventually result in water damage. Generally, up-stairs and attic units create more damage.

Water damage can be prevented by servicing the unit yourself or you can hire an air conditioning company to do it. We still have a couple of months to use our air conditioners this season. If you haven’t had your unit serviced this summer, it would be a good idea to do so as soon as possible.

If you need a referral for a reliable air conditioning company, email me at: [email protected]

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Jim Sledge of North Richland Hills, TX

“United is excellent and very dependable and that Paul Bolton cleaned and corrected the water damage efficiently and in a timely manner.”

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