Drapery Cleaning

The dust that settles onto the surfaces of your furniture and floors will also settle onto your drapes. To make matters worse, if you have people in your home who have allergies or asthma, the dust that has accumulated on your drapes can trigger an attack, without you even realizing where it is coming from. And don’t forget about dust mites that live and travel on dust particles. Without a thorough drapery cleaning, all of this dust can really have a negative impact on your health.
If your drapes are cleaned on a fairly regular basis by a professional, you can avoid hiring a drapery service where your drapes need to be removed, taken offsite and rehung after cleaning.

How often should you clean your drapes?  Many people believe that it’s only necessary when they appear dirty, but this might take two to six years for soil to actually be visible on the draperies.  Having a professional perform drapery cleaning every two years will remove dust, dirt and odor and enhance the healthful atmosphere of your home or office.  Using a professional service for drapery cleaning could triple the life of your draperies, offering substantial savings over replacement costs.

Save yourself the hassle and let us thourougly clean your drapes right in your home or office. By doing this, you avoid exposing them to additional dirt and soil that is found outside your home, and we can maintain the original structure of your draperies – all while removing dust and any odors that may have set in. Being able to do this also adds convenience to the process.  Our professional system uses equipment specifically designed for draperies, so that we’re able to inject the cleaning solution, and quickly remove it.  This is an environmentally friendly process that also eliminates the possibility of any damage or shrinkage to your drapes.