Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your office’s interior is very beneficial in image building. Your carpeting & flooring, for example, can say a lot about how you conduct business. So investing in regular commercial carpet cleaning is a good start.

Since offices are usually high traffic, your carpeting takes a beating every day and the wear and tear will show up soon enough if you don’t have a regular maintenance plan. What United can do for you is to conduct a thorough review of your facility and propose practical solutions suited to your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

Vacuuming, shampooing, and steam cleaning your carpets can be handled effectively by your maintenance personnel, but other methods or those that require sophisticated equipment and the use of non-toxic cleaning solutions provide the best results when taken care of by a commercial restoration company.

Professional Differences you can spot for Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Fort Worth

Professional services include spot cleaning, high traffic cleaning, deep soil extraction, anti-stain treatment, and emergency spot removal. When your business establishment’s carpeting is maintained professionally, you will realize later on that you actually saved a lot of money because the commercial carpet cleaning in Fort Worth services are personalized and not trial-and-error.

Before- After

Before & After

Spot cleaning, for example, targets specific areas using the right chemicals and equipment. This will save you time and money because instead of experimenting with which treatment will work best for the problem at hand, United will know what to do right away. No experimenting with expensive chemicals, which can easily go wrong when done by people with no experience in such situations.

The main concern, in high traffic areas, is the reduced lifespan of carpeting especially when it is not treated with the right methods. Maintenance and regular cleaning by a commercial carpet cleaning in Fort Worth company can easily extend the lifespan of your carpet and reduce the cost of frequent replacement.

Cleaning All That Can Be Cleaned

United is not confined to treating floor coverings. You can also hire us for cleaning of modular systems furniture, tile and grout, fabric panels, upholstery and carpet repair. Another advantage of hiring a professional carpet cleaner to maintain your office is that you can expect the highest level of service, so you not only maximize the value of your floor covering but also provide a superior image for your business enterprise.

United Carpet Cleaning is Master Certified through the IICRC in Residential Carpet Cleaning. More information about this can be found here.