Carpet Stretching and Repairs

Most flooring particularly carpeting is going to get some serious wear and tear. This occurs in high traffic areas where the pile will get a bit worn down or stains may occur. These problems can easily be prevented with carpet runners or decorative rugs, but the real problems can occur when the carpeting becomes loose or stretches like any other fabric.


You will see this in the form of wrinkles that usually occur at the edges of a room and move around the entire area of a room where you will notice a ‘hump’ or ‘wave’ in the carpet itself. This requires immediate attention through carpet stretching and repair, because these wrinkles can spread in number and size, and will soon take over an entire area in your home or office.  Wrinkles and ripples in your carpet will damage the carpet backing by causing it to deteriorate. Once the deterioration begins, it can not be corrected, so wrinkles should be fixed quickly. Our technicians can use carpet stretching to gently repair wrinkles before your carpet is permanently damaged.

Trip Hazards

Beyond the damage that can occur underneath the carpet, wrinkles and bumps can be dangerous since they’re a tripping hazard to children, the elderly, and other guests. So to prevent the problem from getting worse, and to avoid a lawsuit as well, you’ll want to fix this problem as soon as possible by having us perform carpet stretching and repairs.

Our professionals are excellent in resolving these problems, as well as patching carpet where stains or burns have occured and can’t be removed by cleaning. This sometimes involves trimming the carpet, stretching in the proper direction, and reseaming where necessary.  Once our trained technicians complete a repair, it will be difficult to spot in the future.  Just like the many stories of how stains and burns happen, there are no two jobs alike so request a quote onsite to address these problems.