commercial upholstery cleaningTrained Technicians for Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

United Carpet Cleaning also specializes in commercial upholstery cleaning.  Regular cleaning by a trained, certified professional can extend your furniture’s life, and restore the upholstery’s appearance.  Making sure your furniture looks like new, will help you make a great first impression on prospective clients.  In a way, regular commercial upholstery cleaning can be considered a marketing expense!  While on site, our certified technicians can offer simple suggestions to keep and maintain a clean and welcoming business environment in between visits.

To keep your furniture clean, it’s necessary to conduct routine maintenance including vacuuming and immediate attention to spills, coupled with periodic commercial upholstery cleaning by a certified technician every one to two years. Furniture and fabric manufacturers recommend that consumers not wait until severe soiling occurs before cleaning because the greater the soiling, the less the likelihood of restoring the fabric’s original color, appearance and texture.

Suggestions for Maintaining a Healthful Environment

Regular commercial upholstery cleaning by a trained, certified professional can help restore your upholstery’s appearance.  In addition, certified professionals can offer simple suggestions to maintain a clean and healthful environment. These tips often include:

  • Control soil by using arm caps and rotating seat cushions frequently to prolong life and appearance of areas prone to wear and tear.
  • Remove dry soil by vacuuming and, depending on the fabric, brushing to remove dust and soil particles.
  • Increased cleaning may be required when fabric is subjected to heavy use, or when it is located in businesses with persons with allergies or respiratory sensitivity.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning for All Types of Furniture

Desk chairs, sofas, partitions and other commercial upholstered furniture in a business environment receive a lot of use. A commercial upholstery cleaning will have your corporate furniture looking and feeling like new. Our green-certified cleaner – engineered to be used with all types of upholstery, including some of the finest natural fibers and the hardiest synthetics – is safe and non-toxic. Because our process lifts dirt and soil to the surface of your commercial upholstery fabric, we use less water so your corporate upholstery dries faster and stays cleaner longer.

Some examples of our work are below, (click to enlarge):