Wind Damage

North Texas gets its share of high winds, resulting in a variety of wind damage situations.  Your first priority is to ensure that you and your family or employees are safe during a wind event!  Once the storm has passed, then it’s time to assess the damage, and call a damage restoration specialist to help.  United Carpet Cleaning has over 30 years experience helping North Texans deal with wind damage, and we’re ready to help you, too!  Call us at 817.268.6531.  We’re available 24/7.

Wind Damage Comes from Many Sources

Severe winds are those exceeding 50 to 60 mph, and have a variety of types:

  1. Straight-line winds – This is a broad category and includes all winds not included with those defined as having some amount of rotation.
  2. Downdrafts – Small columns of air that sink quickly toward the ground.
  3. Downbursts – Winds typically associated with thunderstorms.  They can be as bad as tornadoes.
  4. Microbursts – Such winds are small, highly-concentrated downbursts, can be wet or dry, and might exceed 168 mph!
  5. Gust fronts – These winds occur in a thunderstorm when cold air clashes with warm air.
  6. Derechos – Not as common here, characterized by a band of multiple showers or thunderstorms.  Storms like these have a long duration and are widespread and can be very damaging to property.
  7. Haboobs – Walls of dust pushed along the ground by thunderstorm downdrafts.  Furthermore, check out this link for some amazing pictures of these.
  8. Bow echoes – Producing straight-line winds and some tornadoes, these winds are shaped like an archer’s bow and travel quickly through an area.
  9. Tornadoes – Our most familiar nemesis in North Texas!  These can exceed 300 mph and travel over dry land.
  10. Cyclones and Hurricanes – These tropical storms rotate inward toward areas of low atmospheric pressure.  North Texans occasionally experience hurricanes as coming up from the Gulf of Mexico.

Security and Containment are First After the Storm

Wind damage can affect the security and containment of your home, so that’s our first priority when arriving on site after a wind event.  We will board up any open areas, and tarp the roof to limit exposure to the elements and criminals.  Our IICRC certified experts will then review the structural integrity of your home and determine if it’s safe to remain at the property or if shoring or immediate reconstruction is required to continue the restoration process.  As we move foward, we will help to facilitate an inspection by your insurance adjuster.  This usually happens relatively quickly and allows us to proceed with the wind damage restoration job.  Make special note, this is not a do-it-yourself situation.  Just call the experts at 817.268.6531, and we’ll do everything we can to get you back to where you were.