Plumbing Overflow Cleanup

Plumbing Overflow Cleanup

What happened?  Sometimes it’s a simple as forgetting to turn off the sink.  This is one of the most common reasons that causes water damage in a home.  You might think something like this is simple to clean up yourself, or you might be a little embarrassed that it happened in the first place.  Whether a child was playing and left the sink on, or jammed something in the drain or who knows what else, it’s best to rely on the experts for plumbing overflow cleanup.

Our team has received specialized training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  Therefore, we can assess the situation, confirm if any significant structural damage has occurred, and proceed with the water extraction and drying.  Acting quickly is important to prevent the development of mold.  Mold begins developing in just 24 to 48 hours, and drying out flooded areas is important for the long-term usefulness of your property and contents.  Additionally, it’s also important for the health of your family or employees.  Mold spores can cause or exacerbate a variety of respiratory issues, so eliminating their favorite area of growth is key.

Water Damage Restoration Services for DFW

United Carpet Cleaning Services handles all sorts of water damage restoration projects throughout the DFW Metroplex.  We handle plumbing overflow cleanups in either residential or commercial settings.  The sources of these are typically:

  • Toilets
  • Shower Drains
  • Clogged Sinks & Drains
  • Kitchen Sinks & Garbage Disposals
  • Bathtubs and other large utility sinks.
  • Burst Hot Water Tanks

We have a variety of equipment to handle large extraction jobs with huge amounts of water, and specialized equipment to draw water out of wood floors.  Because water and wood do not work together well.  Extracting flooded water from a wood floor can save you thousands of dollars.  Water will be absorbed by the fibers in the wood, expand, and then ultimately ripple or pop out of place.  Once this happens, then it becomes a replacement issue instead of water extraction.